Specifically designed to meet the needs of the audience

Áine is involved in the provision of a variety of training packages and workshops that can be delivered to parents, early childhood staff, primary and secondary school staff. Training courses are designed and targeted to meet the needs of the audience. If any of these courses interest you or have specific requirement please contact us.

Áine has extensive professional knowledge and experience, she has developed courses aimed at adults in the workplace that may be experiencing personal efficiency challenges. She collaborates with Sara Collins Clinical Psychologist to deliver such courses for example, targeting personal efficiency and making the behavioural changes to get things done. The combination of Occupational Therapy and Psychology designed training workshops maximises the course content for individuals and businesses.

Typical courses include:
  • Building blocks: Fun ways to enhance your child's developmental motor and regulation skills for 0-5 year olds
  • Mastering handwriting skills and dealing with issues at home and school
  • Mastering the organisational skills necessary for Primary School and building coping strategies
  • Mastering the organisational skills necessary for Secondary School and building coping strategies
  • Understanding Dyspraxia/Developmental Coordination Disorder and the most effective strategies to develop your child's independence and confidence.
  • Personal effectiveness: Goal setting for efficiency and to get things done.
  • Effective feedback in the workplace
  • Executive functioning success: A course designed for Occupational Therapists and Psychologists working with children and adolescents with executive functioning difficulties.

Upcoming Courses

  • Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD): Best Practice Evidence from Assessment to Treatment

    Presented by Áine O’Dea (Senior Occupational Therapist MSc; BSc (Hons) OT)
    • Date: 23rd January 2019
    • Venue: Dublin – location to be confirmed
    • Description:

      This one-day workshop will comprehensively cover best practice in the assessment and diagnosis of DCD in line with the DSM-V. It will explore the latest research examining the neural mechanisms underlying DCD and how this potentially informs health outcomes. Research on the primary and secondary consequences associated with DCD will be presented. Health professionals will cover the latest evidence on how to treat physical, social, and psychological outcomes associated with DCD.

    • Objectives:

      To understand the presentation of, and the diagnostic criteria for, DCD

      To appraise the most up to date research on the neural mechanisms underlying DCD and how this influences the profile of the condition.

      To examine in-depth, the impact of motor learning difficulties on engagement with physical activities, academic achievement and socialisation.

      To address the secondary consequences of DCD on the emotional wellbeing of the child, adolescent and young adult; particularly the anxiety related challenges.

      To understand the evidence underpinning interventions to treat performance difficulties, improve function and enhance participation.

    • Participants:
      Occupational therapists, Physiotherapists, Psychologists, Behavioural Therapists, Allied Health Professionals
    • To book contact Dyspraxia Ireland
  • "How to build a confident child – supporting parents with effective everyday strategies for independence"

    This parent training, with a focus on practical strategies, will be presented by Presented by Áine O’Dea (Senior Occupational Therapist MSc; BSc (Hons) OT)
    • Date: 19th January 2019
    • Venue: Limerick – location to be confirmed
    • Description:

      This workshop will describe why children with DCD find completing everyday activities challenging and anxiety provoking at times. It will provide parents with practical strategies on how to support their child to develop independence and become confident in achieving their chosen activities/goals. Children and adolescents with DCD/Dyspraxia are at increased risk of both internalising (anxiety) and externalising (anger) behaviours. They often experience frustration at their inability to perform activities that others manage with ease. This workshop will coach parents on how to use evidence based strategies which will help their child learn to self-regulate and develop independence with their chosen goal or activity. It will provide parents, teachers, and guardians with strategies to help their child develop confidence and independence.

    • To book contact Dyspraxia Ireland

Áine O'Dea

Aine O Dea

Áine O'Dea is an occupational therapist with 16 years' experience working in a variety of healthcare settings both in the UK and Ireland. She has worked in early intervention services, school age services and primary care services with children and young adults with complex and non-complex needs. Áine also works in private practice.

She has an expert understanding of child development, paediatric conditions, and health across the lifespan, Áine will analyse why an individual may be struggling to carry out specific tasks or activities. Áine provides consultancy services, so that her clients can develop their independence in order to complete daily tasks, such as; self-care, home, school and university based activities. Áine assists her clients to thrive and engage in activities across all environments. Áine is passionate about continuing professional development and reflective practice, in order to achieve best practice outcomes, she provides clinical supervision services to other occupational therapists.

Áine aims to ensure all her interventions are evidence based and promote a holistic approach to long-term community participation. Consequently, she continues to engage in practice based research, involving interventions that address the needs of child and adult health and well-being.

Sarah Collins

Aine O Dea

Sara Collins is a clinical psychologist with over 20 years working with children and adults in Ireland and overseas. She has worked in child and adult mental health services, early intervention and disabilities services for children and in community care services for children and adolescents.

She has been working with children, parents and educators throughout her career to assist children to reach their potential in home and educational settings, academically and socially.

Sara is an experienced assessor of children's intellectual ability and academic achievements. She has been the chief lecturer on Child Development on the Clinical Psychology Doctoral programme in the Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Sciences in Dar es Salaam. She combines the latest research on how children develop their learning potential, with the practicalities of working with the Irish education system.